Digital Cinematography Filmgauge


Video Production Services, Perth - Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Video production editing (non-linear - digital editing)
As video editor we can edit your video footage at points that are both creative and logical.
Video production editing and post production can be done in house with our experienced team of video editor or on location with a mobile video editor & edit suite.
Using your digital footage, we can create sophisticated animated text effects, special effects and combine movies with still images.
With original or existing digital footage our video editor can animate, transform and composite multiple movies and images, apply color correction, improve audio quality and add animations.
Our video editor can use digital video footage to combine green-screen interview footage with customized virtual sets while adding convincing effects like virtual shadows and reflections in your video production edit.
Post production soundtrack editing
As audio editor we can compose a loop-based soundtrack in any musical style for your video production, or provide and edit a stock music soundtrack.
Authored to DVD, compressed for the web
Our video editor can leverage your video production edit by outputting it to multiple formats, such as a website, presentation or DVD.                     

We can put together most any professional video production package
or crew hire, at rates more competitive than standard.

We offer high quality corporate video production using the latest in HD broadcast
technology to anyone with a story to tell or a cause to illuminate.