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Video Production Services, Perth - Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Music Videos and Event productions, studio or onsite facilities
Filmgauge is a production company that also specializes in providing multi camera coverage of live events. With our experience in studio and outside broadcast facilities, we can offer you a range of broadcast and corporate video production services to suit every event and budget. Whether you want to make a TV programme, showcase an event on video/DVD or live projection, or simply get a message across, we guarantee to deliver using the latest in media technology.
We have the knowledge to display to video wall, mobile LED screen, or broadcast via satellite, microwave link or webcast, as well as record to digital format.
We also can provide you with very experienced directors or vision switchers and cameramen for your onsite or studio multi camera production.
Did you know that the first music video showed on MTV in 1981 was ‘VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR’ (The Buggles).
Its describing a singer whose career is cut short by television...

            Parachute directed by FILMgauge
            Delirious filmed by FILMgauge

We can put together most any professional video production package
or crew hire, at rates more competitive than standard.

We offer high quality corporate video production using the latest in HD broadcast
technology to anyone with a story to tell or a cause to illuminate.