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You need a graphic designer for your project?
We offer all kind of digital picture and video manipulations for your production.

With more than 15 years experience in Photoshop and other computer software we can offer you most services in video editing, webdesign and graphic design.

Below are one of the best design tutoriols on the web.  Photoshop, Motion, Final Cut

In this video tutorial, I explain how to spread the layers of a Photoshop file apart in 3D space in Motion and animate a camera through them.

Description.....well, it´s a video tutorial about design sketching. It shows my process in making a decent car sketch using very simple tools.

Last week we published our 10th Wallpaper of the Week. It was an awesome typography design from Ginger Monkey Design called Compassion. What I really liked about that design was how they mixed some "frilly bits" with the typeface to create an outstanding piece of work. I decided to create a tutorial showing how to do that as well - Fabio

A simple and cool effect to make your photos look like they have been painted / made out of an ink/watercolour mark.