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Corporate Video and TV Production


Promote your organization or business today!
Video shorts are the hottest new format to promote a business on TV, online or DVD.
Corporate TV production provides innovative videos to capture the essence of your business, and give
a personal touch to help connect you with the viewer and customer.

We are making TV commercials that can be used for a range of needs: branding, sales, awareness, promotional, political, educational and informational uses.  
A corporate video / TV production intends a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment and is watched by a targeted audience.
A short, effective corporate TV presence is the ultimate promotional vehicle for your company.

Whatever your goal, we can help you craft the right message to promote and push your brand – and make it stand out visually.

Watch the whole production online at
Director of Photography Stephan Czepanik

We can put together most any professional video production package
or crew hire, at rates more competitive than standard.

We offer high quality corporate video production using the latest in HD broadcast
technology to anyone with a story to tell or a cause to illuminate.

Did you know that German born Director Max Skladanowsky built one of the first film cameras in 1890.
For his first film, Bioskop, he used to loops of 54mm film, one frame being projected alternately from each.
This made it possible to project at 16 frames per sec, sufficient to create the illusion of movement.